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Benefits of Massage

Massage relieves stress and its attendant headaches, backaches, anxiety, fatigue, and sleepiness. Bodywork is not only a relief of physical efforts, or to injury and pain caused by accident or stress, it is also a balancing influence on our lives. We are a nation of educated people who realize our need to keep a healthy body and now we need to be attentive to our need to feel whole and alive.

Massage is not just for people who cannot
 handle their pain or feel the need to be pampered. Massage is therapeutic. Massage relieves stress and can improve the state of mind. Also, massage fulfills a universal need for touch. Massage is not only the answer to the aching back, it can change our lives for the better.


Our Services
Prices are subject to change without notice.

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At Lynn's Massage Therapy all our services are professional therapeutic massages, with or without animal therapy. 

We DO NOT offer any sensual massages.

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I use Applied Kinesiology to guide all of sessions and help pinpoint the root cause of pai
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