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Bridget Barden
Licensed Massage Therapist

Bridget has been practicing massage since 2011. Specializing in a wide variety of different types of massage including Swedish,

Deep tissue, Myofascial Release, Unwinding, and Prenatal. Bridget works great with her clients to ensure they get the results they are looking for in a massage. 


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Jessica Kugler

Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi, I’m Jessica and I am a graduate of Irene’s Myomassology Institute since 2014. Since graduating I have had the opportunity to learn and grow on many levels, from working in spas, owning my own business, doing charity events and over all making clients feel their best. From Swedish and deep tissue to prenatal massage - my focus is always the client, mentally, spiritually, and physically.


Kelly Willis

I have been doing facials, waxing and make-up since 1992 at J. August Salon & Spa in Riverview, MI until its closing in 2015. Since the closing of J. August, I was working at Louise K. Salon & Spa in Southgate, MI where I have been doing facials and waxing until 2019. I have recently moved due to noise, so I am currently performing all the same procedures at Lynn's Massage Therapy in Riverview, MI. I use Bioelements products exclusively for facials.  Since 1991, Bioelements has been creating anti-aging products and formulas for facial skin care.  The treatments are highly individualized for different skin types.


Deanna Vallie                                    Reflexologist & Pedicurist

I have over 25 years of experience in reflexology. Reflexology is well known for its ability to reduce stress, as well as promote the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killer) in the body.
This is one reason why you feel so good after your session. All sessions are done in a safe, serene & nourishing environment. So, come relax. Melt away the stress of a hard day’s work. Allow healing hands to soothe your sole. 


Make an appointment today and start on your path to a healthier and stress-free life!


Kristie (Ford) Rose                                 

Holistic Healing Practitioner 

Specializing in: Auricular Therapy (Ear Acupuncture); CranioSacral Therapy; Meridian, Brain & Body Balancing; and Nutrition Response Therapy 

Kristie have been working in the alternative medicine industry in 2013, practicing CranioSacral Therapy (CST) while earning her Master of Science at University of Michigan. With a desire to further help her clients, she expanded her focus into Auriculotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Applied Kinesiology, and Trauma Support to provide a holistic approach to healing. Kristie uses Applied Kinesiology to guide all of her sessions and help pinpoint the root cause of pain. She then uses Auriculotherapy: Acupuncture & Electrotherapy (and needless therapy), CranioSacral Therapy, and Meridian, Brain, & Body Balancing to help release blockages, reconnect, restore, and balance the body. This combination of modalities can help individuals heal on all levels - body, mind, and soul!


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